CapWiz captures all the lovely videos and top quality TV
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An easy way of capturing all the lovely videos and top quality TV is the Capture Wizard, mostly known with its official name CapWiz. There are lots of customized features such as provision of delayed recording or the event timer to record anything anywhere, and even it saves them Direct-To-Disc in a real time environment.

The user can preview the video in full screen mode with a resolution of 720x480, select the desired bit rate and even customize the other available advanced settings for video capture.

CapWiz also supports the DivX video compression format, which is very popular format primarily since it achieves good quality video at high compression rates, enabling the user to exploit with more videos in a smaller file size.

Most of the times, the user can record about a couple of hours of video in about 700 MB, i.e. a normal CD. Moreover, it doesn’t require any special software to burn the CD. All the user needs to do is to just capture the DivX file and use normal CD burning software for writing files onto the CD.

Luis Sanchez
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  • More videos in a smaller file size


  • Doesn’t support other video formats
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